Louise Cantrell

Founder & President

Born and raised in New York, Louise earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the College of New Rochelle.  With over 10 years business experience, she became an Assistant Vice President at Guy Carpenter & Company.  In 2004 she settled in North Carolina and married Edward Cantrell who joined 3rd Special Forces Group.  During her husband’s Special Forces career, Louise gave up her career and became a stay at home mother caring for their two daughters Isabella and Natalia.  On March 6, 2012 tragedy struck when their home in Hope Mills burned down.  Louise survived but her husband Edward and their two daughters perished.  Louise needed to find a way to honor and perpetuate the memory of Isabella and Natalia so she created the Dancing Angels Foundation. As a Gold Star wife, Louise also works to mentor families of fallen soldiers as well as being involved in other military organizations.



Jennifer Paquette


Jen Paquette is involved in several philanthropic initiatives around the country that support the military, female empowerment and children.  She has an immense passion for Dancing Angels Foundation mission of ensuring Isabella and Natalia's memories are kept alive.  The girls loved dance so there is no better way to accomplish this mission then by providing scholarships to aspiring dancers around the country.  Jen is dedicated to helping build this lasting legacy for the girls. 

Jen brings 25 years of business and fundraising experience. Jen earned her B.S. in Business Administration majoring in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University and her Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Not-for-Profits and Public Policy from St. Mary's University.  Jen has been involved with Dancing Angels Foundation since it was a mere idea for Louise.  She is honored to serve and is committed to Louise and Dancing Angels Foundation.


athena rogers


Currently a high school Social Studies teacher, Athena Rogers served 14 years in the Army Reserves until 2001, has supported her husband in his military career since 1994, and for the past 13 years has sought to meet the unique needs of America’s Green Berets and their families through her support of various non-profit organizations and Special Forces community events. 

Athena has a passion for the emotional and mental health of Green Berets and each Special Forces family, shown by her understanding of PTSD, suicide prevention, and marriage support. As an educator of America's future, Athena also has a passion for providing much-needed and appreciated scholarship assistance to the dependents of Green Berets as they seek to further their natural skills, training, and education.



Heidi Hudson

Heidi Hudson holds a Bachelor degree and Masters degree in Education from Austin Paey State University as well as a Master of School Administration degree from Campbell University.  Heidi worked many years for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Division TEACCH and is now entering her tenth year with Cumberland County Schools where she continues her work with students with special needs.  Heidi has been actively involved with the autism community for over 20 years and enjoys supporting Living With Autism, Inc., the Miracle League of the Triangle, Dancing Angels Foundation, and the military community.  Heidi resides in North Carolina with her husband and their four children.